Thursday, September 20, 2012

Does Willard Have A Ben?

We're probably not going to see much of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's given first name between now and election day in November 2012, and for good reason, I suspect.

I don't know how many people recall the 1971 horror film "Willard", but there was nothing good that could have been said about the loser by that name.  Oh, sure, there were probably those among us who felt sorry for the main character, a social misfit with an affinity for rats, who lived in a large, once stately mansion.

Willard's favorite was the larger of all the rodents, who he named Ben.  This rat was assigned the task of gaining revenge on Willard's boss, who had killed Ben's companion, Socrates.  Once the deed was done, Willard abandoned Ben, only to be tracked down by the end of the film and become victim to the rat.

Now I'm not saying Willard Mitt Romney is someone who enjoys being around rats, though there's not much good I can say about some of his most ardent backers.  And for his sake, I hope none bear the first name of Ben.  Or if there is a Ben among his supporters, my advice would be to hold him close, don't abandon him.  Payback could become a bitch.

Just sayin'. 

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